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Fuel up with Feed Central at the Coffee Vans

Look forward to kick-starting your day at SmartBeef23 with a much-needed barista made coffee, thanks to our sponsor Feed Central. When you arrive at SmartBeef23, there will no doubt be the aroma of fresh coffee brewing – head towards the two coffee vans with the Feed Central flags standing tall for your coffee fix!

SmartBeef23 will bring together leading experts, innovative technologies, and practical demonstrations – you won't want to miss a single moment. With so much to see and do, starting your day off with a quality barista made coffee is the perfect way to energise yourself and be ready to make the most of the jam-packed day.

The coffee cart isn't just about satisfying your caffeine cravings… It's also an opportune moment to learn more about how Feed Central works and the critical role they play in the grain fed beef supply chain.

With an extensive array of products available, they offer personalised service and expert advice to ensure that their clients find the best solutions for their needs.

Feed Central's dedication to customer service is clear in their commitment to accurate product descriptions when assessing quality and providing detailed information to empower their customers to make informed decisions. With over 10,000 active buyers and 8,000 sellers across the country each year, they guarantee confidence in purchasing feed, supported by thorough quality analysis and product information.

With fixed price contracts, guaranteed payments to sellers, and comprehensive dispute management processes, Feed Central prioritises the security and satisfaction of all parties involved. Their dedicated expert staff and personal account managers are always on hand, working hard to deliver their promise of simplifying the lives of their customers. Don’t miss your chance to come and chat to the team over a cup of coffee and find out how they can help your business!

Learn more about Feed Central:


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