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Navigating the Pens: A Livestock Handling Demonstration

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In this practical session, Smithfield Cattle Company’s Group Livestock Manager Ryan Brown, and Protein Production Vets’ Dr. Lachlan Strohfeldt, will be bringing the soon-to-be launched Feedlot TECH online training course on the Fundamentals of Pen Riding to life.

Ryan was involved in the development of the course and through this demonstration delegates will walk away with a better understanding of the fundamentals of pen riding.

Ryan and Lachlan will give delegates a first-hand run through of the thought process pen riders work through as they go about identifying abnormalities in cattle behaviour and physiology.

This will be a session not to miss if you want to see the ins and outs of a pen rider’s critical role at the feedlot and what best practice looks like.

Ryan and Lachlan will share with delegates best practice in action, including:

  • Good stockmanship

  • Pen riding patterns

  • Abnormalities in cattle behaviour

  • Decision making process in identifying animals requiring attention

  • How to safely exit an animal from the pen

  • Safety and hazard reduction for riders and livestock

The Fundamentals of Pen Riding course will be available on the ALFA/MLA supported online training platform, Feedlot TECH, from August 2023 and is free to access for all lot feeders.


Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown is the Group Livestock Manager for Smithfield Cattle Company.

Ryan first got involved in the lot feeding industry as a commission buyer for Smithfield. When the business had gaps in their operational staff, he stepped in and filled the gap as an entry level pen rider, and from there he worked his way up into his current leadership role.

Ryan’s passion for the industry is palpable. Having worked in the cattle industry all his life, he has developed a deep understanding of the industry and its challenges. In his current role at Smithfield, Ryan helps customers navigate these challenges by sharing his views on the market and delivering on each customer’s individual specialised needs.

He works closely with the feedlots’ livestock teams and managers, as well as working alongside the senior leadership team to provide his unique perspective to the strategic direction of the business.

Dr. Lachlan Strohfeldt

Dr. Lachlan Strohfeldt is the founder and principal veterinarian of Protein Production Vets.

Established in 2019 in Toowoomba QLD, Protein Production Vets focus is exactly as it sounds – efficiently improving and maintaining beef production systems to help our clients feed the world.

Dr Lachy speaks regularly at industry field days and conferences around the country and is a Lecturer in Production Animal Veterinary Medicine at the University of Queensland.

Dr Lachy has provided feedlot consultancy services throughout Australia for the last 10 years. Protein Vets follow the animal from conception through to feedlot, analysing and benchmarking data with custom developed software at many points in the production cycle.

Dr Lachy is passionate about developing teams feedlot industry through training and application of industry-leading evidence based cattle medicine.


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