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Who We Are

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Dr. Frank Mitloehner

Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist
| CLEAR Center, UC Davis, USA

Rethinking Methane: Animal Agriculture’s
Path to Climate Neutrality

Dr. Frank Mitloehner is a US-based professor and air quality specialist in cooperative extension in the Department of Animal Science at UC Davis. As such, he shares his knowledge and research, both domestically and abroad, with students, scientists, farmers and ranchers, policy makers, and the public at large. 

Dr. Stephen Wiedemann

Principal Research Scientist | Integrity Ag & Environment

Carbon Accounting 101

Steve is an agricultural systems scientist with a focus on livestock production and supply chains, resource management, sustainability and environmental regulation.  Steve has a strong track record in providing environmental research and services to a large range of livestock industries.


Steve’s technical work includes water, energy and GHG benchmarking, assessment and mitigation research, review of GHG regulations, nutrient and soil management research, manure management research, development of industry fact sheets and workshops. 


Steve has a unique capability to communicate sound scientific principles in practical and understandable ways.

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Dr. Joe McMeniman

Program Manager - Feedlot | Meat & Livestock Australia

Smart Research & Development

Since 2015 Joe has worked closely with the lot feeding industry to identify opportunities to improve feedlot animal productivity, health, welfare and sustainability. Prior to joining MLA, Joe obtained a M.S. and Ph.D. in Animal science from Texas Tech University, and worked in the feedlot industry as a consulting nutritionist.

Dr. Tony Batterham

Feedlot Veterinarian | Quirindi Feedlot Services

Smart Technology

For decades Tony has been consulting to feedlots and has been instrumental in many R&D projects and the evolution of feedlot technologies in the animal health space. At SmartBeef Tony will demonstrate how technology is changing the way vets and lot feeders work together.

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Dr. Melissa George

Veterinary Consultant & Research Scientist | Bovine Dynamics

Smart Research

Dr. Melissa George is an avid animal scientist with graduate education in meat science and veterinary infectious diseases. Melissa is a veterinarian and research scientist for Bovine Dynamics, a premier nutritional and veterinary consulting business for the feedlot cattle industry. Melissa volunteers her time in various cattle industry initiatives including the Communicate Your Research program to encourage students completing research of relevance to the cattle industry to share their work with producers.

Christian Mulders

CEO | Australian Lot Feeders' Association

Smart Leadership

The grain fed beef sector and the red meat industry as a whole has been through a number of changes in recent years, Christian delves into how the feedlot sector has managed to ride the wave of change and adapt to the point of being recognised as a leader in the pack.

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Caela Dye

Career Development and Training Project Officer | Australian Lot Feeders' Association

Smart Training

Caela has completed a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience with honours at The University of Sydney and majored in Livestock Production Systems. Caela is passionate about developing the availability of industry wide training resources and improving access to career development initiatives and supportive networks. Caela aims support people in upskilling, education and career development within the industry. 

SmartBeef will see the official launch of the career and training platform, Feedlot TECH.


Ali Hart

Marketing Executive | Stockyard Beef

Smart Relationships

Ali has spent the last several years working in marketing and communication roles for FTSE 100 and globally renowned education organisations across Australia and the UK. In June last year she returned from London and joined her family-owned beef operation - Stockyard.


As part of her role, she shares the story of sustainable and socially licenced production that embodies Stockyard’s mission to their savvy global diners. Started by her grandparents over 60 years ago, today, the business manages an integrated Wagyu breeding herd, a 20,200 head feedlot and Australia’s most awarded beef brand which is distributed globally.


The business is pushing boundaries in the sustainability space and supply chain relationships as sets its sights on high growth targets.

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Terry Nolan

Director | Nolan Meats Pty Ltd

Smart Systems

Terry has hands on experience in a range of activities including cattle breeding, backgrounding, lot feeding, beef processing, wholesaling and distribution of quality beef products to the Australian and International markets. 


With over 40 years’ experience in our industry Terry has seen a lot of change. Terry is a past Chairman of AMIC and the Current AMIC Chair of National Processors Council. He has been involved in a wide range of industry committees with an aim to improve the image and performance of our industry.


Currently, Terry is co-lead on behalf of industry representing Government on the Meat Modernisation Working Group.

Sam Elsom

CEO | Sea Forest Ltd

Smart Products

Sam Elsom is a passionate environmentalist with over 15 years’ experience in sustainability.


Having founded one of Australia’s first sustainable apparel businesses to measuring social and environmental impact across supply chains as well as implementing a satellite factory in India to support poor communities with income, training, clean water and education.


Sam was drawn to explore seaweed cultivation for its impressive capacity to sequester CO2 as a potential solution to reverse Climate Change.

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Stuart Austin

General Manager | Wilmot Cattle Co

Smart Deals

Stuart is the General Manager of Wilmot Cattle Co, a grassfed beef business based in the New England region of NSW, spanning three properties totalling over 5,600ha.

Stuart spent a vast majority of his early career working in the northern Australian pastoral industry, as well as time in broadacre agriculture in Canada, a feedlot in southern Queensland, and was the founder of an international agriculture recruitment business.

Stuart is most passionate about helping others, and this passion is shared amongst the Wilmot Cattle Co team. He often shares their story online, in print media, on podcasts and has been a keynote speaker on various occasions in Australia and North America. In 2019 Stuart was awarded the national Young Carbon Farmer of the Year Award and the business was recognised as a Champion in the NSW Landcare Awards.

Dr. Stuart McCarthy

Managing Director | Manabotix

Smart Tech

Dr. Stuart McCarthy is Managing Director of Manabotix and loves providing special technology and robotics solutions to clients who want to get more out of their businesses.

Stuart will be demonstrating new technology, the Ute Mounted Bunk Scanner, on Day Two of SmartBeef 2021.

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Mike Ryan

Owner | Eagle Direct

Smart Ideas

Mike’s business specialises in the cattle housing industry, with 25 years experience of working throughout the world in the beef, dairy and agri engineering sector, he is passionate about animals reaching their full genetic potential, and believes that Australia can become world leaders in this space.
Currently working with dairies across Australia to design fully climate controlled systems, using ventilation, lighting, and integrated control technology, the key focus is taking stress points away from our cattle by cooling in hot climates and reducing stress in wet dark winter months. 

Our goal is to take the optimal outdoor temperature and light, and transfer it inside the barn for the animals to thrive in a completely controlled animal centred environment. 

Feedlot Tour

Showcasing R&D Technologies 
 Teys Condamine Feedlot

Smart Feedlots

Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot is a 30,000 head feedlot ideally located on the edge of the Western Downs in South East Queensland.  Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot is an integral part of the Teys Australia business which is Australia’s second largest processor supplying red meat and food solutions to a wide variety of domestic and international markets. 


Since the construction of the feedlot in the late 1980’s, Teys Australia Condamine has prided itself on being an industry leader in all facets of lot feeding, particularly in the space of animal welfare, utility reduction and safety.

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