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Monitoring the Bunk: A Bunk Scanning Demonstration

There’s a new bunk scanner algorithm in town and it is set to improve your feed allocating decisions.

This session will feature the latest in bunk scanning technology from Manabotix, with Managing Director Dr Stuart McCarthy on the tools, joined by Teys Australia – Condamine Feedlot Manager, Phil Lambert, who has put it through its paces already.

Delegates will get a first-hand experience in seeing how the technology works and gain an understanding of the data captured by the Bunk Scanner and how it can improve your feed allocating decisions.

Ongoing industry investment by Meat & Livestock Australia in this feedlot-specific technology has assisted in bringing the new generation Bunk Scanner system to market. The interactive demonstration will discuss the new allocation algorithms, alongside display outputs from the live Bunk Scanner.

Delegates will also hear first-hand from lot feeder, Phil Lambert, about his experience with these technologies, including sharing benefits realised from monitoring and adjusting cattle feeding with increased accuracy and repeatability.

What could you gain by getting that bunk read accuracy on point?


Dr Stuart McCarthy

Dr Stuart McCarthy is Managing Director of Manabotix and loves providing special technology and robotics solutions to clients who want to get more out of their businesses.

Over his career, Stuart has established himself as a trusted professional motivated by delivering impactful outcomes to clients.

He has been involved in many innovative and challenging engineering pursuits, ranging from autonomous agricultural machinery to delivering sophisticated digital analytics and decision assistance tools for resource sectors.

Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert is an experienced lot feeder with a career panning over three decades. Currently, Phil is the Feedlot General Manager at Teys Australia Condamine Feedlot, located in Condamine QLD.

Condamine Feedlot has been proactive in adopting technologies such as the Bunk Bot and Scanner and therefore Phil is in a good position to be able to share their real experiences in adopting feedlot technologies, especially those that come out of the MLA Feedlot R&D Program.


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