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Unwind at the Fodderlink Campdraft Bar!

As the sun sets on the feedlot day program and the SmartBeef23 Campdraft kicks into gear, there's no better way to unwind than by grabbing a drink at the Fodderlink bar and getting amongst the exciting campdraft action.

The Fodderlink bar will be the number one place to catch up with your peers, make new connections, and chat about the day’s events.

As the campdraft commences, grab a drink, have a chat to the Fodderlink crew, and head over to cheer on your favourite feedlot team as they vie for the SmartBeef Cup!

The bar, proudly sponsored by Fodderlink, is a testament to their commitment to supporting the lot feeding community.

Fodderlink provides producers with a dependable link to hay, straw, and all other types of roughage year-round across the East coast of Australia. With a superior interstate feed supplier network and independent grading and feed testing, they ensure a hassle-free nationwide service for their customers.

Fodderlink's expert team understands the complexities of supplying a consistent performance ration, enabling them to source, grade, store, sell, and reliably deliver a wide range of roughage products suited to all ration types year-round, guaranteed.

So, as you immerse yourself in the exciting campdraft action, don't forget to take a moment to visit the Fodderlink bar and take the chance to chat to their team to see how they can work with your business.

Unwind, socialise, and raise a toast to the end of a fantastic day!

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