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Celebrating Industry: Recognition of Excellence on display at SmartBeef23

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

This year at SmartBeef, we’ll be showing off the newest talent in our variety of awards to be presented over the event.

Young Lot Feeder of the Year Award

The Young Lot Feeder of the Year Award, proudly sponsored by Performance Feeds, is designed to encourage emerging industry leaders to contribute their ideas and vision for lot feeding at a national level.

The accolade recognises and rewards those who exemplify passion, leadership, and a visionary outlook towards the future of lot feeding. To apply for the Award, all entrants were required to submit an essay outlining an industry problem (perceived or real), discussing its implications to the feedlot industry, and exploring a proposed solution.

Young feedlot professionals who aspire to become future industry leaders are encouraged to apply for this prestigious industry award. The winner will be announced at the Industry Gala Dinner at TRECC on Wednesday 11 October.

Find out more about this year’s finalists.

ALFA Community Heroes Award

The Community Heroes Award aims to recognise and reward feedlots across Australia for their outstanding contributions to local communities and the environment. This heart-warming award highlights the vital role that feedlots play in supporting rural and regional Australia by creating jobs, supporting families, and contributing to local economies while nurturing their land.

Proudly sponsored by Lallemand Animal Nutrition, the overall winner of the ALFA Community Heroes Award will receive a $5,000 cash donation that can be directed towards a local charity, business, or feedlot initiative, further enriching their communities.

The winner will be announced at the Industry Gala Dinner at TRECC on Wednesday 11 October.

Check out this year’s entries:

ALFA Innovation Competition

The ALFA Innovation Competition, proudly sponsored by Integrated Animal Production, aims to celebrate feedlots and their employees that have implemented clever, non-commercialised innovations that genuinely make a difference to the functionality of day-to-day operations at the feedlot.

We will be highlighting this year's entries on the program and hear from the shortlisted entrants about the innovation they have entered into the competition, before the presentation of the competition winner and runner.

Make sure you come check out the innovations and lot feeders that have been branded finalists in this year’s competition and vote on the ‘niftiest’ innovation gracing feedlots across the country via the online poll that will be open throughout the day.

Vote for your favourite innovation:

ALFA Outstanding Services to the Australian Feedlot Industry

Acknowledging the outstanding contributions of individuals who have played a crucial role in shaping the feedlot industry's present and future is so important to ALFA and the lot feeding community.

The Outstanding Services to the Australian Lot Feeding Sector award exists to honour those who have made a remarkable impact on our Industry.

The award may be awarded at the Industry Gala Dinner at TRECC on Wednesday 11 October.


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