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Getting around SmartBeef23 with Angus Australia's coaches

Ready for an unforgettable experience at SmartBeef23? Thanks to the generous support of Angus Australia, we are excited to offer transportation to, from and around SmartBeef23!

With the Angus Australia sponsored coaches, your SmartBeef journey will be stress-free. All you have to do is make your way to the Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Conference Centre (TRECC) and Angus Australia has got the rest covered. Their coaches will make sure you get around SmartBeef in comfort.

Make the most of your time at SmartBeef23… leave the car behind and simply hop on and off the coaches and enjoy all the exciting opportunities SmartBeef23 has to offer.

The coaches are available to delegates thanks to Angus Australia, who have been an integral part of the cattle industry for over a century.

With a mission ‘To maximise the profitability and sustainability of members through innovation and service’ Angus Australia is committed to supporting genetic improvement and marketability of Angus and Angus-influenced cattle and beef. With over 3,700 active members involved in Angus cattle breeding, Angus Australia continues to lead the way in advancing the Angus-based cattle industry.

From pedigree and performance record-keeping to world-leading research and development and product and service provision, Angus Australia's dedication to its members, both seedstock and commercial is their top priority.

Their collaboration with like-minded organisations, and promotion of Angus breed interests, ensure a thriving and sustainable future for the industry.

To secure your complimentary seat on the coach make sure you select “requiring coaches” when registering for SmartBeef23.

With Angus Australia's coaches at your service, you can relax, focus on learning, and truly immerse yourself in the jam-packed day on site.

Learn more about Angus Australia:


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