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Kickstart your day at SmartBeef23 with morning tea by GrainCorp Animal Nutrition

Start your day off right at SmartBeef23 with a delicious bacon & egg roll, generously sponsored by GrainCorp Animal Nutrition.

The morning tea is the perfect opportunity to fuel up and meet up with fellow attendees as you get ready for the exciting day ahead.

The morning tea will be held whilst registrations are completed, giving you the perfect start to your day of exploration, learning and networking.

We are proud to partner with GrainCorp Animal Nutrition, a long-time Platinum Member of ALFA, as the morning tea sponsor.

Their strong partnership with growers and producers has been instrumental in connecting them with both domestic and international customers.

Through the RationAssist program, GrainCorp Animal Nutrition offer an end-to-end service for feedlot supplementation, from free ration testing to individualised supplement formulation and ongoing support from technical feeds experts.

This commitment to superior Quality Assurance and innovative processes extends across GrainCorp’s management of grains, pulses, oilseeds and even edible oils and renewable fuel feedstocks.

Join us at the morning tea, made possible by GrainCorp Animal Nutrition's support.

Learn more about GrainCorp:


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