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Meet the SmartBeef23 Student Scholarship winners

Thanks to the generous support of MLA, Feedworks and Jefo, ALFA has been able to award 10 students scholarships to attend SmartBeef23. Find out who the winners are below...

Abby Dwight-Nowland

Uni: University of Southern Queensland

Degree: Bachelor of Agricultural Technology and Management

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I am hoping to attend SmartBeef as this is an opportunity to gain insights into the advancements within the industry as well as network and meet the people who are currently in the industry.

My interest in the agricultural industry first started when I joined my high school's ag program, since then I have seen the scale and importance of lot-feeding operations within the industry. I am most interested in learning more about the industry and seeing how advancements of technologies can help within lot feeding operations.

Basil Kaniewski

Uni: UQ

Degree: PhD- genetics

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I am deeply interested in seeing new sides to the beef industry. My general understanding is that of a consumer and as a lab-rat. Connecting with industry leaders, and learning about their needs and difficulties can help me as a scientist direct my research to create practical solutions. My previous work has been very focused on theoretical understanding of cattle fertility, and I want to position myself to be creating more practical research which is actually helpful to industry.

Holly Newsome

Uni: University of New England

Degree: Bachelor of Rural Science

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

To gain insight into the industry and to network with peers about what excites them about the industry. They're are the basis of any good conference and everyone that I have spoken that is currently within the industry has such a passion for their work.

To be surrounded by that at SmartBeef will be truly inspiring to myself as someone who facing the daunting process of entering the wide world of industry once my studies are complete. It will also be awesome to see the new technology that has been developed such as the thoracic ultrasound demonstration, that can be a huge stepping stone for increasing welfare and stock stewardship within the industry.

Isabella Tatchell

Uni: University of Melbourne

Degree: Bachelor of Agriculture

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I want to attend the SmartBeef conference because I want to learn more about the red meat industry and supply chain. I want to meet more people and make more connections in the industry. I want to look for a pathway forward for a possible future career as I will be graduating from my degree at the end of 2024.

I am very interested in the red meat industry, and to be a bit more specific, I am interested in working with live animals, hence why I am interested in lot feeding. I am also very interested in dairying but feel myself being pulled towards beef. I think I find the beef industry so exciting as I love eating red meat and I want to help ensure that the industry stays alive and thriving.

Jasmine Beddows

Uni: The University of Queensland

Degree: Agricultural Science

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I want to attend SmartBeef to learn from, meet and network with likeminded people. I would also like to gain insight into the future of the industry in terms of technology, sustainability, animal health and animal production.

I want to also gain a broader insight into other aspects that make up the feedlot industry. What interests me about the lot feeding industry is the interactions between breeding, genetics, environment, nutrition and background of cattle and how it translates to an animal’s performance while on feed and carcase produced.

Jasmine has been sponsored thanks to support from Feedworks.

Jasmine Wholton

Uni: Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Degree: Veterinary Science

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I want to attend SmartBeef to increase my knowledge of the Australian lot feeding Industry, build my personal and professional skills alongside like-minded people, and be given the opportunity to network with industry professionals.

Coming from a stud cattle background and working as a Trainee Manager/Supervisor at Whyalla Beef Feedlot, I have had exposure to various agricultural disciplines. This exposure has helped foster my passion for beef production, leading me to undertake a degree in Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University. In the cattle lot feeding industry, I am interested in nutrition and disease management. Long term, I hope to pursue these areas, especially antimicrobial stewardship, to help hold Australia's worldwide reputation for producing high-quality assured beef products.

Jasmine has been sponsored thanks to support from Jefo.

Olivia Mullins

Uni: Central Queensland University

Degree: Bachelor Of Agriculture

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I want to attend SmartBeef as I believe I can learn a significant amount about the cattle feedlot industry and develop my knowledge for future careers. I would also like to build connections with other university students and people already in the feedlot industry.

I am interested the most in what nutrients cattle must be fed to meet the requirements before slaughter and how the feedlot is managed throughout the process from the paddock to the abattoir.

Shania Gough

Uni: University of Queensland

Degree: Bachelor of Agricultural Science / Bachelor of Agribusiness

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

Smart beef offers several unique opportunities for both personal and professional development. It would provide a platform to engage and network with industry leaders and like-minded individuals to acquire a greater knowledge of current and emerging trends within lot feeding.

Smart beef is a hub for networking that will allow me to connect with professionals who may become my mentors, employers, or collaborators. Establishing these relationships will provide a solid base to acquire guidance, career advice and opportunities for my future career endeavours.

Sophie Inder

Uni: Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Degree: Animal Science

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef? Participating in SmartBeef23 would give me a huge opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people and enhance my knowledge with lot feeding from industry leaders and experts.

I am eager to learn and gain as many opportunities as I can to increase my confidence, understanding and application of the key research topics for my final Honours year which would be relevant and beneficial to lot feeding operations in Australia.

William York

Uni: University of Southern Queensland

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Why do you want to attend SmartBeef?

I believe that by attending SmartBeef I will get a better idea on what career pathway I would like to follow, a better understanding on the feedlot side of the cattle industry and a way to meet new people and get valuable connections within the industry that will help me in the future.

The process of feeding cattle within a lot system is an effective and efficient way in getting cattle to meet market needs within the tough climate that Australia has. The side of the industry and how this affects meat quality and taste is what interests me the most and how this particular part has various pathways too follow and is continually growing and expanding.


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